The first few works shown here were predominantly inspired by James Gleeson. His work holds a special fascination for me. To me he is at once both captivating and vaguely menacing and sometimes even quite horrifying and alien and yet there is beauty and a sense of stillness in his work.
‘Rejuvenation’ (oil on canvas. 76cm x 122cm)

‘Cornucopia’ (acrylic on canvas. 61cms x 91cms)

‘Confusion’ (acrylic on paper on canvas.41cm x 51cm)

‘Revelation’ ( acrylic on linen.40cm x 51cm)

Other artists who have made an impact on how I interpret the world through my paintings are Ian Fairweather, Joan Miro, and Ken Whisson.

  ‘Dream 1’ (acrylic on brown card.)( unframed)

‘Response 5’ (acrylic on paper. Framed)
‘Over There’ (acrylic and ink on canvas. 40cm x 50cm)

‘What Remains’ (acrylic and ink on linen. 61cm x 61cm)

‘Shout’(acrylic and ink on linen 46cm x 61cm)

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